Welcome to ShellScale Decal’s home on the web. We are a small company dedicated to producing a very accurate line of model railroad decals in HO, O and N Scale. Please take a moment and take a look around our site. Clicking on each photograph will take you to a new page with much more information and additional photographs. All photographs are copyright 2010. All photos by Richard D. Shell unless noted. Please see our ordering page for ordering instructions. We are now taking orders direct thru our web page via Paypal. Thanks, Richard D. Shell, ShellScale Decals

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SHIPPING: We now charge $2.60 for shipping in the United States. This is the actual cost to mail a package with USPS tracking. We use a padded envelope at no extra charge. International Shipping is $1.15 in a standard number 10 envelope.
AVAILABLE NOW - Totally revised N Scale Norfolk and Western Bicentennial Set - N119. The set includes the Locomotive, Hopper, Trailer and Caboose - $5.99.
AVAILABLE NOW - Norfolk Southern HP28-R, HP29-R and HP30-R Hoppers in HO Scale - HO174, and N Scale - N174.  $5.99 per set.
AVAILABLE NOW - Norfolk Southern Locomotive Designations in HO Scale - HO135, and N Scale - N135.  $4.99 per set.
AVAILABLE NOW - Norfolk Southern Business/Passenger Car set in HO and N Scale.  HO161 & N161.
AVALALBLE NOW - Norfolk Southern Soaring Logo Dash 8-40C and Dash 9-40C Locomotives in HO Scale - HO168, and N Scale - N168. $5.99 per set.
AVAILABLE NOW! - Norfolk Southern H65 and H69 Hoppers - HO172 and N172. $5.99 per set.
Available NOW! - Norfolk Southern Tie Gondolas in HO Scale -  HO169 and N Scale -  N169. $4.99 per set.
Available NOW! - Norfolk Southern Hopper Cars, Class G116, G117 and G118 in HO and N Scale -  HO170 and N Scale -  N170. $5.99 per set.
In the Works...

   • Norfolk Southern ES40DC, ES44DC and ES44AC Locomotives - HO176 and N176.

   • Norfolk Southern No. 34 & No. 38, "The Brick" in HO and N Scale.

   • Norfolk Southern Exhibit Car No. 27 in The Gray scheme and the Tuscan Red scheme in HO and N Scale.

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The small type: This site is not affiliated with the Norfolk Southern Railway System , Operation Lifesaver, Inc., Norfolk and Western Railway Company or any other railroad.  All Railroad Logos are used with permission.